Website DA checker

Website DA checker

Website DA checker is a tool which is used for checking the DA of the page. But before we go further firstly we should know what DA is.

DA is acronym of Domain Authority.

It is a score which is used to predict how well is a website will rank on a search engine.

It ranges from 1 to 100 and more the number the website has more the chance it have to come in the first rank on the search engine.

Google doesn’t use DA as a metric for determining the rank on the SERP.

Domain Aothority is used and developed by the MOZ.

DA is a SEO concept and many SEO professional do researches accordingly.

Wesbite DA is calculated by evaluating different factors like total number of links, linking root links.

The more the good links the more the DA will increase.

Moz has employed machine working against Google algorithms to get the information about that how search engines are resulted.

Most of us confused that DA and PA are the same but they both are different.

DA tells about the overall ranking of the domain whereas PA tell about the potential ranking of a given page.

The site which have a large number of backlinks will have a good DA score, website which have less backlinks will be scored lower.

 The new website will have a DA score of 1 as initially 1 is given to the new website and it will increase as the link of that website will increases.

Website DA checker uses calculation itself by using machine learning to predict the score.

Website DA checker uses machine learning for determination of the score your website score may fluctuate.

How to improve Website DA


If you want to improve your domain authority then you should get a high quality links.

As you may know that google ranking is based on mainly on the backlinks.

A high quality backlinks is the key which can improve your domain authority.

Quality Content

 Whatever you are writing it should be relevant to the topic, it should be simple and understandable.

The content should also be unique, it’s not copied from other websites.

At last Website DA checker is important tool as it helps us to get information on our domain authority score.

By this information we can improve our website accordingly and can improve it.

In internet you will get multiple Website DA checker sites for free from where you can check the score of your domain.

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