E-Books- Guide for layman

Writing E-books is also another simple example generating passive income.I research  and found that when people want in depth information about any specific topic ,they try to find books on amazon. If  you want to write E-books you have a sound knowledge of the topic on which your book is based, you can explain every […]

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mobile app

Mobile Application

Hey folks once again I m here to give you one more idea for you to create passive income source and from the heading you may know that today what we are discussing. What is mobile app? Mobile application also known as mobile apps are the software developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and […]

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Physical Products

Basically physical products are those products which can be seen or touched for example PEN,PENCIL YOGA MAT etc Now a days physical products are purchased online through e commerce websites like amazon ,Alibaba ,flipkart,e-bay  etc. We can sell our products through our own website or online market place. Basically physical products are those which can […]

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