SEO(Search Engine Optimization )

SEO is the process of increasing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of website or webpage in the search engine.

Hello fellas ,you know about a millions of the posts are published everyday this is the figure of only word press ,it means that other CMS (content management system) also published posts.

It means almost 200-400 articles are written every minute all over the world.

Basically the main idea behind this figures is that the competition is very high,

It’s not you can write anything and search engine will rank your site/blog.

SEO is the process of optimizing website or webpage like that it ranked in the search engines for a keyword.

There are two techniques :

Blackhat SEO

Blackhat SEO is a technique in which the guideline which are provides for the SEO is not follow its like we use a backdoor to get the ranking in the search engines.

It is used to earn for short time , it is not a technique which will be for long term.

It is like illegal way  and when you get caught you will be banned from all the search engines.

By using this technique you can ranked your website within a short period .

Whitehat SEO

It is a legal way by which you can rank your website for a long term.In this we follow all the guidelines which are given by the search engines.

Whitehat SEO is important as if we will not follow the guidelines then the site will be banned.

So we have to follow only the white hat technique for visibility in the search engines.

Now how the search engines will find that your content is the best result for a given query.

1. Quality Content

The content should be of good quality and also the quantity. Search engines crawl the content which is new and reliable.

Content plays vitals role for ranking ,pirated content will not be ranked by the search engines.

The articles should solve the query of the users ,and also thoroughly explains the topic.

2. Authority

Every domain has different authority ,some has good some has low .

When a high authority domain links to your site it has more affect than a low domain authority backlink.

When it comes backlinks creation ,go for high authority domains rather than weak ones.

You can boost your domain authority  by linking it with other high quality pages.

To do so first you have to check the domain authority than build te backlinks .

3. Backlinks

As you can get from the name backlinks are the links when one links another websites.

You can also say that it is incomings links to your websites.

Backlinks are the important way for ranking website in GOOGLE . It comes under Off page SEO techniques .

For more details click here.

4. Webpage loading Speed

Webpage loading speed is also important factor of SEO. Google checks the loading speed of the webpage and

if the page is not loaded  at the given time then it will not rank that webapage.

Loading speed of webpage is essential as google don’t want to wait there user for long time .

For that is will not rank that webpage which take too long to load.

5. Crawlability

It is the most important factor when it comes for ranking in the search engines.

It will  firstly check that whether the content exist or not before ranking it.

Crawling is also known as spider is a algorithm which is developed by the google for listing the websites.

It is the primary method by which google will find the content or your webpage and ranked it accordingly.

The following will affect the crawling

Poor internal linking : Internal linking is important ,webpages without internal linking will not be crawled.

Nofollowed internal links: links with no-follow tags is not crawled.

Noindexed pages: non indexed pages also not able to get crawled .

Blocks in robots.txt : If this file is blocked then google will not indexed your site.

6. Mobile friendly

According to google more than 60%  user comes  from  mobile and they are increasing day by day.

Webpages which are not optimized for the mobile use then now a days it will not be ranked.

The webpage or website should be mobile friendly .It should be responsive as it can be viewed in every devices.

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