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Mobile Application

Hey folks once again I m here to give you one more idea for you to create passive income source and from the heading you may know that today what we are discussing.

What is mobile app?

Mobile application also known as mobile apps are the software developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets . Now a days we don’t require laptop we can do with the smartphone which we can do with our laptop .We have games app ,education app, health app and other types of apps too.

Marketplace of app

Apps can be downloaded from application distribution platform such as app store(for ios users) and google play store(for android users).

Now the real work comes, find the topic on  which you want to develop the app and also in which platform(ios or android or both).When the niche is decided then create its blueprint  after that start developing it or you can hire developer to develop the app.

Now after creating the app you have to monetize your app and uploaded in the market place (google play store or IOS).

Once the above task is completed your almost work is done ,now you have to market your app the more your app is downloaded the more you will get benefit.

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