Keyword for beginners

Keyword is a topic on which the whole content is focused .It is important factor for the SEO.

Lets take an example ,when you type a word or phrase in search engine that word/phrases is known as keyword.

If you have written a good article and everything goes as planned then for that search in the search engine your webpage will be shown on the top 10 result.

Importance of Keywords

You want to drive organic traffic to your website than it is important that your webpage should come to the first page of the search engine.

For that Keywords plays important role.

They  tell search engine about the content which you have written.

Keywords can be phrases or single word , it is keyword will reflect only one word.

It can have phrases also , search engine prefers long tail keywords .

When search engine will crawl your post or page they will check all the words they don’t know which word is important ,

To provide them some clue we use some words often in the article,it tell about what the post is about.

It doesn’t mean you use that word every time if you do so your website will be blacklisted sooner or later.

How to use?

Pr owner of the website uses lots of keywords to the post and also get ranked in the search engines,

But using lots of keywords in your article they lost the main purpose of the post.

They have to provide a good information for the user but when they use these stuffing  they ignore their primary motive that is good quality content.

For this reason Google has updated its algorithm and if it get keyword stuffing it will remove your webpage .

So use your keyword with appealing content so that your visitor will come again to your page.

I will recommend that around 1% or 2 %  use your keyword overdoing it will ban your domain.

Research It?

Before starting any article you have to research your keyword .

Keyword research is one to the SEO technique and it is ONPAGE SEO .

We can get many tools which will determine all about the keyword ,its search volume,its competition,ita value etc.

Google Keyword Planner is one of the most used tools by the user.It’s free tool.

It can provide you the future prediction of the volume you can get from that word.

From SEO point there are 3 categories of keywords which for professionals of Search engine optimization are important.

  • Short-tail keywords :These are words which are consisted mostly from one to two words .They have high search volume.
  • Middle-tail keyword : these are the words which usually points to what the product is for. Its like what kind of services ,information is seeking.These are more than single word and can have 4 to 5 words.
  • Long-tail keywords : You can say that these are the most targeted words which are preferred by the SEO professionals.They may have high rate of conversion .They can be have 5 or more than 5 words

Some of the Low Competition keywords:

  • Insurance : you can see from the picture that this INSURANCE word has 100K to 1M average monthly search and the competition is low .
    • If you are thinking fro creating the blog then this is one of the best keywords ,I will recommend you this one .
  • FullForm: This is the second word which I recommend you to use it .
    • It also had around million of average search and also has low competiton.
    • These keyword which I have mention above when you search these words you will also get the other keyword ideas .

In the last I want to say that use your keywords smartly and also the content with that word.

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