How to write an article (for blog)

How to write an article is one of the most common question for every blogger but first understand about the foundation of the article

.An article is a piece of writing written for a audience, like we have seen in a newspaper ,journals , magazines .

Today writing is one of the top most paying jobs over the internet. An article is written on a specific topic by the writer.

Today is era of social networking site and if you are not engaged in it them then you know nothing .

As the user of these websites are increasing daily we can see types of data ,articles ,images etc over the internet .

If you have a blog then it is first question that how to write an article ,

I will share the idea that will help you guys to write the article for your blog.

Topic for the article

Topic is the first and important thing for you when it comes for writing. You should choose that topic in which you have interest , choose your topic wisely ,

it should be not like that you see on the internet and copy from other website and posts to your blog that not a good practice.

You have heard of that No fun for the writer, no fun for the reader”. It means that if the topic is not interesting for the writer it will also not interest to the reader. So topic is the important .

Content should be concise

After the topic is decided then the second thing come into mind is the content .

When you start writing the content for the blog then you have to keep in mind that content  should be concise .

Content should be understandable and also the content should use simple words ,it will help the user to understand the blog post easily.

If the content uses hard words then I think they will not come to your site .

Optmize your content

When you are writing the content then you have to keep one thing in mind that the content which you are writing it should be optimize for keywords which you are targeting .

SEO optimize content will help your site/blog to get fast ranking in the search engine.

Understand the content Visually

Here to you have to add some of the images in your blog ,as adding images is also a good practice when it comes to write the blog .

You have to add images which can help you to understand your content ,It should not all the writing it should have images or videos also .

Images also help in understanding the complex topics.


Audience is also factor when you are writing the article for blog.

You have to identify your targeted audience and write content like they will resonate .

By writing effective article you will able to hold your traffic effectively.

Formula for writing the blog is also used  for the effective writing, below is the formula which will help you

  • Topic :
  • Introduction : after the topic you have to prepare its introduction ,You can use 100-200 words in the introduction.
  • Heading :
  • Body: Here write the whole content ,use simple language and  also proper use of paragraph.
  • Images/videos: Here you can insert image or videos related to the topic .
  • Conclusion : Now at the last conclude your topic in a summary.

At the end ask your readers about the feedback about what they like or dislike and also the mistakes which is done.

You can also ask your reader for suggestion about how you can improve your skills .

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