Google Search Console-A Simple Guide for you guys

Google search console is a web service developed by google.It is used by the webmaster for checking the indexing of their website.

Google search console also helps webmasters to optimize the visibility of their website .Google provide this tool for free.

It helps  to learn the all the information about the your website.In 2015 it is renamed from google webmaster central to google search console.

Lets get started with the Google search console.

URL inspection

It tells you how the google renders your website. It will tell the HTTP response in OK or not .

URL inspection report tell that your URL is crawl ,index or not, or the pages is fetching .These type of information you can get from the URL inspection tool.


  • This part will provide the information like.
  • the total number of impression.
  • how many clicks on the link is done.
  • What is the average position of your website on the google
  • What will be the average CTR .CTR is like what percent the impression is resulted in clicks to your website.

This section will also tell us the on which query search our website gets the impression and  what are those pages which gets the impression and clicks.

It also tell about the devices use ,from which countries the search is done .

Through PERFOMANCE section we can also check whether our image, link or video is getting the more impression and clicks.


  • Coverage: This section of the Google Search Console will tell us about the pages which are valid or not ,it will also provide the information if we have an error on the page .
  • Sitemaps:  Site map will tell about your submitted sitemap. You can also submit the new site map if you want to, It also provide this options.
  • Removals: from this section you can request to remove the URL or you can say that you can remove the bad links or outdated links which are affecting the rank of your website. You can enter all the url or you can upload CSV file and request the google to remove that links.


It is bascically for the AMP page of your website,if they are active and has no error than it is good news.

Speed: this will generate a report of your website speed. It helps the SEO professional to check the speed and enhanced the speed if the website need.

Mobile Usability: This report will tell you the issue which you are facing in designing or development .

It will check the issue for the mobile only. You can troubleshoot your issue by knowing it.

Sitelink Search box: This search box is way for the people to search the website or app in a search page, It checks in real time and also provide the real time suggestion for the website.

Security and Manual Action

This is the third section of the Search Console.

Manual Action : The main motive of all the website is to come on the first page of the results ,for this most of the owner uses manual action and manipulate the search index .

These type of report is generated in this section of the search console.

Security Issues: Security issue will generate the report for if you have some security issues with your website.

Legacy tools and reports

International targeting: This will tell the country which we are targeting and also the language preference .

Crawl Status:  this part will all about the googlebot’s  activity on pur website over 90 days. It provide information about the images , CSS ,pdf ,javascript, etc.

It also tell us how much the page crawl  in a day , how much the kilobyte is downloaded in a day and also the time spent to download that page.

Messages: As from the name you know what it will do ,it has all the messages which come to the search console of the webmaster

URL parmenters: URL parameters  is used to track the information about a click on a particular URL which is enter in this section.

If you are new to this field than my suggestion is to you don’t touch that part.

Web tools: Web tools is a section where you will get the tools which is essential for your website. It provide testing tools which helps you to test your website and improve accordingly.

It also gives the ad experience report ,by this report you can optimize and get more ads.


Links section is the last section in the search console.This tell us about all the links you have created whether it is internal link or external links.

It also track record of top linking websites which pointed to your website (basically it is BACKLINKS).

This part also tell you about the text which is linked to your website.

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