Google analytics for beginners

Google analytics for beginners is a simple guide which is written for naive users.

Google analytics is common word and I think most of us heard about it and also has some knowledge about it.

It is a tools provided by the Google for tracking the record about the website traffic, provide the information about the visitors like location, about the devices they used and many more.

These information is used by the website owner for improving the website and get more and more traffic.

Let’s dive into google analytics was developed in 2005 by the Urchin Software Corp which is a child company of the google.

Google acquired Urchin Software Corp in April 2005. Brian Clifton was the person behind its development.

Google analytics is important if you have a blog or website and you want to improvise it.

Google analytics is used widely by the world as it is dominant the world market, different analytics tools/websites are available on the market but Google analytics has more than 50% dominance.

In 2019 I release a SDK which help you to gather the data from the iOS and android app, known as Google analytics for the mobile apps.

It track the website traffic, bounce rate, session, landing page, devices which is used to access the website, exit pages, and many more.

These are the data which is gather by the Google analytics, which then user can used and modify accordingly.

Let’s understand this by a scenario you have a website and tour most of the traffic is coming from the mobile device and you haven’t install AMP in your website then gradually you will lose your audience if you will not act.

For improving the user experience you have to ad AMP which will provide good user experience and also help in ranking your website.

In 2011 google also launched a new feature REAL TIME which will tell you the number of user currently active in your website.

How google analytics work?

Google analytics work as it create a unique code when you create a account.

To get work done by the google analytics you have to include that code (which is written in javascript) included in your website.

Whenever user visits your website the javascript code will execute and it gather the data and transfer that data to the google analytics of the corresponding account.

By this you will get to know all information about the user like which device is used, which pages he visited, what is the location of the user and etc.

Google analytics is a very wide topic and it has many other sub topics so I am explaining which I think is most common and understandable for the newbie

When do your users visit?

Google analytics also provide the information about the time in which the user visited your website.

It has all the week time slot, it tell on which day and also the time is provide of user visiting the website.

Traffic sources?

Google analytics will provide all the information about the traffic comes to your website, it will tell the location where your pages has a good scope.

By this you can focus on that country and also advertise on the country for more traffic.

It also tell the real time traffic information of the user which is currently visiting your website.

When the user acquire users?

This section will tell us about the sources from where the user is coming .It will tell us what are the medium from which the user is visiting your website.

It can be organic search, social media platform, direct, referral or other medium, these are the medium from which the user can visit.

From getting this information you can analyze about your website entry point and can upgrade to get more visitor.

What pages do your user visit?

From the name you know what it will do, it will give you the most visited pages of your website.

When you know about your highest visited pages then you can see what you have done on that pages and work accordingly for enhancing other pages.

What are the top devices?

Devices which are used to visit your website, I have provided example in the above section .It will tell the session from taken from the devices, it can be mobile or desktop.

In a simple language it will tell you which device has more session or you can say which device is used to visit your website.

These are the some information which is provides by the google analytics .I haven’t cover all the sub category which google analytics has ,I am telling you only the about the home page .

If you guys will get all these data and you update your website or blog according to these information then you will get a good result.

I hope this google analytics for beginners guide will help you guys to get some idea about the google analytic.

Google analytics for beginners guide provide you just a small introduction, if you guys want more than comment and I will bring.

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