E-Books- Guide for layman

Writing E-books is also another simple example generating passive income.I research  and found that when people want in depth information about any specific topic ,they try to find books on amazon.

If  you want to write E-books you have a sound knowledge of the topic on which your book is based, you can explain every aspect and topics.

For writing E-books you have to find your niche or the topic you like the most like if you are health conscious you can write books on health tips ,if you like gym you can write books on diet or daily schedules . For writing E-books you don’t have to invest any money if you are writing yourself

If you are not a good writer then you can hire a professional writer from different platforms like freelancer , fiverr ,Upwork etc .

How to research topic for your E-books

  1. First look for the category that you are knowledgeable in or has a passion for .
  2. Look for niches that are the trending upwards.
  3. Its not a minute or hour process take your time research ,research and research .
  4. You can target that market audience that needs help and you can solve there problems.

Criteria for profitable E books

  1. First the book should not be long it should consist of 100 or 150 pages which a layman can read.
  2. Use of simple words in the books which can be understood easily.
  3. If you are using amazon kindle than books should be self published .
  4. The cover should also be eye catching .
  5. The content should be good enough that your reader like it and also share .

How to monetize

  1. You can earn by signing up to KINDLE DIRECT PUBLISHING PROGRAM with exclusive rights for your ebook to amazon .This will allow you to sell your eBooks to all over the world where amazon.com is available
  2. You can also earn by selling its hard copies on the Inernet.

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