What is blog ?

What is blog?
What is blog?

Blog is like a diary on the internet , by blogging one can express themselves to the world .You can share your ideas opinions or passion. Blogging can be done by any age groups ,only they have some sound knowledge of internet and also have some writing skills .

Tricks for your blog

  • You should create consistent content that is informative and valuable to your audience regularly.
  • You have to deliver content  to your audience in such a way that they will understand it and accept it.
  • You need to have your audience engage by commenting, discussing and sharing your content.

Tools to manage your blog

Tools to manage your blog
Tools to manage your blog
  1. Word press : This is the easiest platform to create content and to manage your website according to me.
  2. SEO plugins:  This is the most important tool ,this tools will tell you about ranking of your article on search engine .
  3. Google Analytics : It is free tools from google that provide insight on social behavior ,traffic and user tendencies.
  4. Comment plugins: This plugins will help you to engage with your audience.

Every second a blog is created over the internet but only few are able to survive .to write a good blog follow these below steps

  • Don’t do spelling ,grammar or punctuation mistakes.
  • Don’t steal the content ,write your own and unique content. If you are using content of other website then get permission .
  • Don’t create one chunks of paragraph ,use bullets or heading .It will be more attractive and readable.
  • Quality is always the  most important factor so you have to focus on the quality of the content also.
  • Create a good title ,title should be like eye catching .Title is also important as it is shown on the internet .
  • Use appealing and high quality images ,don’t use images from internet as some of has copyright issue .Use that images which don’t have any copyright.  

How to monetized your blog

  • To monetized your blog firstly you have to buy your own domain and hosting also.
  • Second You have a good content strategy for your blog

1. Advertisement

You can place banner advertisement in the empty space of your blog .You can enroll to the google adsense for advertisement .

2. Affiliate Marketing

If you can find products or services that your audience will want ,you can make a lot of money by referring them.some of the website are

  • Clickbank
  • ShareAsales

3. Create your own products

You can create and sell your own products or service to your audience

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