How To Create Backlinks

What is backlinks ?

As you can get from the name backlinks are the links when one links another websites. You can also say that it is incomings links to your websites. Backlinks are the important way for ranking website in GOOGLE . It comes under Off page SEO techniques .

Why They are important ?

Backlinks are important as  most of the search engines uses them for the ranking factor .The site which has a good number of quality links get the major organic traffic.

It is link a vote of confidence or trust  from one site to another .Larger the backlinks the larger the ranking in google and when you have ranking then you have good amount of organic traffic to your website or webpage.

How to create Them?

Most of us have a big question is that how to build backlinks , how to get your website to first page of the google .Most of us thinking about it as all of us want to have a good rank for our website .

Most of the us get caught at the illusion of the internet as most of the website says that we provide a back-links but when creating back-links we should not trust any of the website ,we should research and then come to the conclusion .

1. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is most effecting method by which we can create a quality backlinks. In this you have to write a good article for the website which have good ranking in the search engine and they will provide you a DOFOLLOW links from their website to your websites.

2. Submit to the directories

This is the most and common method which is used by everyone .In this you have to submit your website to the directories and create the backlinks. You have to be careful and don’t submit without any research as it can increase your SPAM SCORE of the website .

So before submitting your website research everything about the directory and then submit.

3. Answer The Question

You can also get back links from the QUESTION ANSWERS website like QUORA ,YAHOO ANSWERS etc Find posts that are relevant to recent content you’ve written, and you’ll have a better chance at being quoted or linked back to.

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